Inventory Management

Supply your company through the Purchases module. You can manage the purchases, invoices and use returns and credit notes in relation to your suppliers.

Auto-filled NHIS claims form

Lexicare allows NHIS claims forms to be generated at the click of the button. The forms generated are automatically filled with information concerning the patients for a specific period thereby saving time and cost.


Lexicare generate authentication codes required by hospitals when deciding to treat any enrollee. The software can reduce errors in claims and approval processes and enhances speed and claims payment.

Medical Billing and Claims

Issue invoices and receipts from the medical records and overview of your various patient billing. Additionally, Online real-time billing for HMOs related and integrated inventory system. Online claims management systems that allow hospital and HCPs submit claims to HMOs minutes after care is provided This leads to fast payments from HMOs.

Medical Workflows

Use built-in workflows like check-ins, automated billing or define your own workflow template.

Medical Records

Documentation of all patient encounter details (symptoms, lab results, prescriptions and other records), to ensure complete patient medical history.

Statistics & Reporting

Access data including medical records and financial reports, which can be exported or printed.

Claims Management

Lexicare automates the verification and vetting of claims submitted by the health care providers.

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