Enrollee Management

Keep track of your enrollees appointment. With check-ins, you can always know which enrollee is an inpatient/outpatient.

Claims Management

Lexicare automates the verification and vetting of claims submitted by the health care providers, using the agreed tariff (NHIS, HMO, Private Staff, Retainership). The Platform has an in-built artificial intelligence (AI).


Effective management of invoices and receipts from Healthcare Providers. There's a built-in billing module within the system that integrates with accounting softwares.

Patients Management

Manage all your Inpatients and Outpatients. Patients are quickly accessible by typing their names. Schedule and organize the inpatients in rooms and wards.


Use the built-in patient workflows like check-ins, automated billing or define your own workflow template with the patient treatment Plans templates.

Health Tips

This Channel module is a bi-directional system for sending and receiving Health-care messages from other medical systems or medical devices.

Platform Messaging

Receive notifications in your inbox and communicate in a chat like manner with your enrollees and other members of your team.

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