Patients Management

Manage all your Inpatients and Outpatients. Patients are quickly accessible by typing their names. Schedule and organize the inpatients in rooms and wards.

Medical Scheduling

Keep track of your appointments. With Check-ins, always know which patients are in the waiting room and their order of arrival.

Medical Workflows

Use built-in workflows like check-ins, automated billing or define your own workflow template.

Inventory Management

Handle supplies from your vendors through the Purchase module. You can manage the purchases, invoices, use returns and credit notes in relation to your suppliers.


In the Pharmacy module, the pharmacists can dispense prescribed and prepaid drugs as they have permissions.


This allows the lab staff easy update of the test result to the database.

Wards Management

Schedule, organize and manages the inpatients in rooms and wards.


The Imaging module allows the lab staff to enter imaging tests results.

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